About Us

Accent Tile Design, based in Skillman, New Jersey, has been operating since 1996. The owner and artist with European roots, Christina Rang, started painting ceramic tile and later learned the ancient technique of painting on tumbled stone.  As the business grew she added the relief tiles turning them into mini sculptures. 

Christina was trained as a fine artist in early life and learned the ceramics trade in New York City.  She combines her fine art background with ceramics creating a unique fusion of the two art fields.

The Studio of Accent Tile Design is filled with sunlight and tiles.  The tiles are always in various stages of work, some being hand-painted and others being glazed and prepared for firing.  The walls are covered with watercolors of past and upcoming projects.

Each project begins as a watercolor design, which is then translated into individual, hand-painted tiles that will ultimately cohere into the mosaic scene ordered by a client to adorn a kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, or other area. 

The business has grown over the years but Christina continues to provide the same great customer service to her clients.

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About Christina Rang

Watch a short interview with Christina about the ART, history and process of creating unique ceramic tiles.